There’s a Right Way to
Start a New Life

Paid parental leave is good for everyone: families, companies and societies. When fathers are included in parental leave, the benefits go even further: both men and women learn how to become caregivers, the wage gap is minimized as women ease back into work, and infants can bond with both parents during those critical early days.

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The arrival of a new baby should be a time for joy, celebration and family bonding, but for most American families, the pressure to immediately return to work quickly turns this joyful experience into one of stressful trade-offs and questions: How much time can I take off? Is it enough? Will my work suffer? Can we make it work?

I believe there is a right way to start a new life

Every parent deserves time to bond with a new infant and every infant deserves to start life in the arms of a loving parent. Paid parental leave is not a privilege for the few, but a human right that everyone deserves.

We believe gender isn’t binary. How would you like to be counted?

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